Lori LeBlanc

Tibetan singing bowl therapy supports the body’s desire to heal and restore it’s innate balance & well-being. This ancient practice allows us access to a meditative and deeply relaxed state. Harmonic overtones create a sonic massage that moves effortlessly through the body, cleansing the lymphatic system, opening the heart and clearing the mind.  The benefits are vast, from improved sleep, to lowered heart rate, pain reduction and increased energy.

Lori LeBlanc: Licensed Massage Therapist and Sound Healer since 1994; Certified in Polarity Therapy, BioSonic Repatterning and Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy.  As an artist and musician, Lori’s passion for music led her to explore the healing power of sound.  Over the years, in her practice, she has used vocal toning, tuning forks, the didgeridoo, drums, flutes, bells, rattles and gongs as tools for healing. Inspired and encouraged by her teacher Shree Krishna Shahi, third generation Singing Bowl Master from Nepal, she offers Tibetan singing bowl therapy, a deeply transformative process.